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Shri Mitesh Patel also known as “Bakabhai” was born on 27th August, 1965 in Sarsa, Anand, Gujarat to his farmer father Rameshbhai. His mother’s name is Smt. Taraben Patel. He is married to Smt. Dipaliben Mitesh Patel.

Miteshbhai has done his education Diploma in Telecom Engineering (Electronics & T.C.) from Board of Technical Examination, Karnataka.

He is elected to 17th Lok Sabha.He is currently Member of Parliament (MP) from Anand Constituency. He is a Committee Member, Ministry of Food, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution, Consultative Committee Member, Ministry of Coal and Mines. He is also Chairperson and Managing Director, Laxmi Protein Pvt. Ltd.

He holds the record of victory in the election and is the highest margin victory in the history of Anand Constituency.He has made his own way by experiencing the leadership role at various Organizations, Associations and Companies and He excelled everywhere through his hard work, leadership, communication. 

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ઐતિહાસિક કૃષિ સુધારા બિલ ૨૦૨૦ અનુસંધાને જનજાગરણ અભિયાન અંતર્ગત આજે આણંદ જિલ્લાના...


આજરોજ આણંદ જિલ્લાના વાસદ સામુહિક આરોગ્ય કેન્દ્ર ખાતે આણંદ લોકસભાના સાંસદ...


ગુજરાત રાજ્યના આણંદ જિલ્લાના આણંદ તેમજ ઝારોલા પાસે રાષ્ટ્રીય ધોરીમાર્ગ નંબર 64 (દાંડી રૂટ) પર LC – 3X..


ભારત ના યશસ્વી વડાપ્રધાન શ્રી નરેન્દ્રભાઈ મોદીજી ના જન્મદિવસ ની આણંદ ના સાંસદ મિતેષ પટેલ..

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